This was my first full year of really pursuing my business full time, and it took off like I would never have expected! I knew that I was going to get overwhelmed with all of the things, and was praying for a simple solution to help take some of the stress away. Then enters Morgan like a bright ray of sunshine!! Morgan is such a sweet soul, and her work ethic is simply amazing! She is always available when needed, and makes you feel like a priority even though I'm sure she has a million other things on her to do list! The images she culls for me are exactly what I would choose myself, and she has helped me cut down my delivery time to my clients!! I will forever be thankful for Morgan, and all that she does for me!

- Kala 


Honestly, I don't know where to begin this review. Morgan has truly become my right-hand woman. I didn't start this business because I knew how to run it- I started because I loved the creative outlet photography provided for me. When it turned into a business, I started hating all the business aspects and dropped the ball so many times on scheduling, sending invoices, and responding to client emails. When I hired Morgan, I had no idea what to give her, but over the course of just a few months, I learned Morgan could truly do it all. And so I did the best thing I could for my business and handed it all over to her. She legitimately does everything- I just take the photos, final edit images, and love on my clients along the way. The extra time she's provided me with my family has been such a blessing. I've now had Morgan on my team for 2 years, and can honestly and truly say I wouldn't be where I am today with my business if I didn't take the chance with Morgan. I'm so eternally grateful.

- Brandi


I found her by chance in the middle of my busiest season yet, and she has been such a gift! Upon working with her, I was immediately so impressed with her professionalism and her business process. I couldn't believe how quickly she was getting the work done on her end -- her speed and efficiency truly blew me away! The images she culled for me are exactly what I would have chosen myself -- she has an eye for images that tell a story, and I love that so much! Beyond her professionalism, she is just the kindest human and so relatable -- it feels like I have known her forever! You can tell she has a true passion for the work that she does, but also for getting to know her clients and building not just a business relationship, but a friendship! I feel so lucky to have found her!

- Kylie


In the beginning, when we go into business as a self employed person, we are so excited to not have a boss or "set hours", that we get to drink wine on our lunch break etc... But we often forget that means no coworkers, no one else around to help with the daily task that we don't like or honestly just aren't that good at. That part was so hard for me. But... in walks Morgan! Seriously, it's like having a co-worker/ bestie that is always happy to help. Weather thats responding to emails, setting up workflows or even just being there as a shoulder to cry on. Morgan does it all! When I say she has given my life back I MEAN IT! I have so much more time with my family because I know, she's got this. Any task I throw at her she crushes... and fast. She has made the last year of my business so enjoyable again and reminded me why I went into business for myself in the first place.

- Whitney